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Interactive Tech Tips

OTARD Flyer Choosing a Signal Meter
Dish Placement Diagram  

Tech Updates

Update Product / Model Company
DTV-MD-0058-DIRECTV Set-top Information for Installers-V2.2   DIRECTV
DIRECTV Custom Install Serial Command Test Tool   DIRECTV
DTV-MD-0058-DIRECTV Set-top Information for Installers-V2.1   DIRECTV
DTV-MD-0058-DIRECTV Set-top Information for Installers-V2.0   DIRECTV
DTV-MD-0058a-DIRECTV Set-top Information for Installers-V1.3   DIRECTV
DIRECTV Set-top Information for Installers-Peculiarities-V1.3 D10, D11, H10 Version 1.1 DIRECTV
DIRECTV Set-top Information for Installers-Peculiarities-V1.1 D10, D11, H10 Version 1.1 DIRECTV
DIRECTV Set-top Information for Installers-V1.1a D10, D11, H10, R15 version 1.1.a DIRECTV
DIRECTV SHEF Public Beta Command Set Version 1.1.H DIRECTV

Recommended Practices

Resolving Customer Problems "F" Male DBS Connector Dimensional and Performance Specification
Customer Education for HD Installs
Know Your Competition
Selling Opportunities
Finding Quality Technicians
Know Your Consumer Rights
Your Company’s Front Line Representative
Time is Money
Importance of Properly Installed Fittings
Copper Center Conductor vs Copper Clad Steel
For more information on DIRECTV products, installation, and troubleshooting go to www.satinstalltraining.com.  Contact your supervisor to get the password for access.
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The SBCA National Standards & Testing Program certifies that installers have passed standardized testing developed by the SBCA and industry leaders.  The SBCA does not guarantee the quality of nor assume any liability for the work performed by the certified installer.

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