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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Recertification
Online Certification General Questions

Recertification Questions

My certification is about to expire, how do I get recertified?
  • Recertification is an online process; you do not have to attend a class again.  Click on the table labeled "Recertification" for instructions on how to renew your certification online

Do I need to know my certification number to recertify?

  • Your certification number will not be necessary for the renewal process.  Once your order has been placed the SBCA will verify your information and certification status

I have multiple SBCA certifications, do I have to renew all of them?

  • You only have to keep the highest level certification active.  If you have certifications at both the Satellite Fundamentals and MDU/SMATV Essentials levels you would need to renew just the MDU certification.  Similarly if you have a MFH2 and a MDU/SMATV certification that are expiring, you need only renew the MFH2 certification

I just passed my online recertification test, how do I print my certificate?

  • Your certificate will be available in roughly 2 business days.  You will need to use the Print Certificate option at www.sbcatest.com access your certificate.  Your test code will be either the Tech ID number you provided or your first initial-last name (ex: jsmith)


Membership Questions

Who qualifies as a member of SBCA?
  • Members of the SBCA pay annual dues to the association and the benefits extend to all direct, full-time employees of the member company.  Independent contractors who do business with member companies do not fall under the umbrella of membership

How do I become a member of the SBCA?

  • Applications for membership can be found HERE


General Questions

How many certification levels are there and what are they?

  • The SBCA currently offers certifications for Satellite Fundamentals, MDU/SMATV Essentials, DIRECTV D2 Technology, DIRECTV COM1000, and FOXCOM Fiber Optics

I have an FSS 1&2 certification, is that the same as the SBCA certification?

  • No, Field Service Specialist (FSS) is an Echostar certification and deals with DISH Network exclusively, and does not address industry wide issues

Do I have to take the Satellite Fundamentals Course before taking the MDU/SMATV Essentials Course?

  • It is recommended

Do the platform providers track my certification number?

  • Yes, the platform providers and installation firms have the ability to verify a technician's certification number

Does the SBCA provide a list of certified installers?

  • No, we do not provide or distribute lists of those who are certified.  Your contact information and affiliation are confidential.  The SBCA does allow member companies to post job offers on the Job Board.  The Job Board is free to those searching for job offers

If I am certified can anyone else use my certification number?

  • No, your certification number should be kept secure.  Giving your number out for others to use is grounds for revocation of certification.  SBCA certifies only the individual who attend the course and passed the examination

I need to get my certification number, how do I go about doing that?

  • You may email the SBCA HERE.  You will need to provide your name and the address you listed at the time you took the certification test.  The SBCA does not use or keep track of Social Security Numbers nor will it be asked as a means for verification

Can I get all of my certification materials reprinted and sent to me?

  • Should you need your materials reprinted for any reason there is a $20 reproduction fee.  You may order duplicates HERE

How can I become an SBCA certified trainer?

  • The SBCA is currently not taking applications for trainers

Are there Spanish training materials available?

  • Yes, the course materials for the Satellite Fundamentals exam has been translated to Spanish.  Please make your trainer aware of your need for these materials when you register

Does the SBCA offer C-Band, Direcway, Starband, or WildBlue training?

  • No, our course does not focus on C-Band or broadband.  You will need to contact those companies regarding their specific training

I just ordered a manual from the online store, how long does it take to receive it?

  • Typically manual orders are processed within 24 business hours upon receipt and shipped via FedEx 3 day standard delivery


Online Certification Questions

What do I do if I forgot my password?
  • Use the FORGOT PASSWORD function which is located in the top right corner of the login page.  It will email a new password to your email address (user name).  The email may be filtered into your spam folder

What do I do if I forgot my login?

  • Click HERE if you have forgotten your user name

What do I do if I get locked out of the test system?

  • If you get locked out and are unable to log back in before their time expires, you  will need to submit the test in order to prompt the system to start the retake process

  •  If you are able to log back in within a reasonable amount of time where you feel you can complete the test without feeling rushed you should complete the test.  However, if you feel you will be rushed in trying to complete the test within the time remaining you should immediately submit the test to prompt the system to start the retake process

  • Please note that the number of times you can attempt a test has been increased by one to account for a problem such as this.  If you get locked out and are unable to complete the test you will not be given an additional chance on top of what has already been allotted

Why can't I add a test code?

  • The system will generally provide a message as either your profile is incomplete or the test code has already been used
    • Your profile must be completed.  The only line that can be left blank is the 2nd address line.  If you don't have information for some of the required fields, use NA
    • If the system states your exam code has already been used please contact the SBCA for investigation
  • If you do not receive a message, recheck that you are not mistyping the exam code


The SBCA National Standards & Testing Program certifies that installers have passed standardized testing developed by the SBCA and industry leaders.  The SBCA does not guarantee the quality of nor assume any liability for the work performed by the certified installer.

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