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D2 Advantage Training and Certification

D2 Advantage is DIRECTVís system for multiple dwelling unit, lodging, institutional, and shared-antenna applications. Planning, installation, and maintenance of D2A system requires thorough knowledge of the design rules, selection of approved components, planning for balanced RF levels throughout the property, formal testing, and troubleshooting methods.

D2 Advantage technology is constantly evolving and DIRECTV works closely with SBCA and SatProf to keep training and certification up to date for the best customer experience. The new D2 Advantage Edition 2 training program, which has now been introduced, contains information, skills training, and planning tools that DIRECTV has determined as necessary for all D2 Advantage technicians. DIRECTV has mandated that all D2 Advantage technicians must hold Edition 2 certification by 1 April 2016, regardless of any existing certification status. For more details, please see the FAQ page.

DIRECTV-authorized D2 Advantage Training and Certification provided exclusively by SBCA uses the online, interactive curriculum developed by SatProf in collaboration with DIRECTVís design engineering, field engineering, and field operations groups.

D2 Advantage is the RF backbone for DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) systems, and all DRE technicians are required to hold current D2 Advantage certifications, in addition to DRE training.

In Edition 2, the training and certification materials have been completely revised to the latest DIRECTV design standards. The previous certifications (D2A and D2A Plus) covered building and testing a D2A system. Now, in order to enhance the quality and reliability of D2A installations, DIRECTV requires that D2A technicians also be qualified to plan a system. These additional skills are covered in the Edition 2 courses and exam.

For simplicity, the courses and exam are now offered only as a single bundle.

For more information, please browse the FAQs and the brochure. Still got questions? Contact us at sbcasupport@satprof.com.

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Resources and Maintenance Subscription

Students may purchase a Resources and Maintenance Subscription that will allow access to all previously-purchased course materials and simulator tools, free access to any upgraded/revised courses (including the Edition 2 courses & exam, if you already purchased older versions), free retakes on exams, and free recertification exams.

For more information, please browse the FAQs and the brochure. Still got questions? Contact us at sbcasupport@satprof.com.


Training Specifications: Courses SB 101, 102, and 103 (General fundamentals of DC, RF, and satellite television) and Courses SB 201, 202, 203, 204, and 205, all at Edition 2 (D2 Advantage training)

Structure: Each course contains 3 - 5 lessons, with 20-100 screens/steps per lesson

Audience: All technical personnel working with D2 Advantage and DRE systems

Duration: Allow 20 - 50 hours of online study to complete all the required courses and the exam.

Delivery: Animated & interactive HTML/Flash, self-paced, online format. Requires Internet access while studying the course material. High speed access is preferred but is NOT required. Student's computer must be Windows or Mac OSX and have the current version of a major browser (IE, FF, or Chrome) and of Adobe Flash player.

Tests: In each course, there is a quiz after each lesson. You must pass all quizzes and view all pages to complete each course.

D2 Advantage Edition 2 Certification exam: Written part contains 60 questions, drawn from all SB 102, 103, 201, 202, 203, 204, and 205 courses; 2 hours is allowed. Skills test part contains skills test using trunk level setting simulator. 2 Attempts. No Free Retakes.


The SBCA National Standards & Testing Program certifies that installers have passed standardized testing developed by the SBCA and industry leaders.  The SBCA does not guarantee the quality of nor assume any liability for the work performed by the certified installer.

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