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Lodging, Institutions, and MDU

SBCA offers online certification training in generic SMATV, generic MDU, and DIRECTV's D2 Advantage systems. The training consists of combinations of on-line modules, starting with common modules in fundamentals theory.

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What's New:

  • All-new D2 Advantage Edition 2 courses and certification. Required by DIRECTV for current and new certification holders.
  • D2 Advantage and DRE trainees are welcome to attend classroom training, but you now must also complete the online courses as well as the exam. Note that the online courses provide excellent preparation for classroom and practical discussion.

New Students:

If you have never taken the SBCA online MDU, SMATV, or D2 Advantage courses, register for one of the certification bundles below. Each one includes all your required learning modules and the certification exam.

  • For Satellite Master Antenna TV (SMATV) training, click here.
  • For Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) training (other than DIRECTV), click here.
  • For DIRECTV D2 Advantage training, click here.
  • For a complete list of all available modules, click here.

Existing Students:

Please click here to loginTo log in to the learning system, click here.

  • If you wish to enroll in an a new course, exam, or bundle, and you already have an account in the SatProf learning system (https://sbca.absorbtraining.com/), please LOG IN first and go to ADD NEW COURSE. DO NOT use the ADD TO CART button or you may end up with a duplicate account which will complicate your certification status!
  • To update your student profile (email, contact details, password, etc.) log in, open the menu at the upper right corner, and select Edit My Profile.

Resources and Maintenance Subscription:

As technology evolves, and as providers including DIRECTV roll out new products and services, training requirements are continually being updated. The two year Resources and Maintenance subscription gives you full ongoing access to all the latest versions of the L&I online courses you have previously enrolled in so you can:

  • Revisit learning courses at any time to refresh your memory
  • Re-access the reference materials include with your courses
  • Access design and simulator tools that are useful for your day-to-day work
  • Prepare for recertification by getting up to date with the latest materials
  • Recertify
  • Retake exams you had trouble with

The cost is only $124 for two years - that's only $5.16 per month. Sign up for the subscription here.

Certification Structure:

D2 Advantage Edition 2 Certification is available only when ordered as a complete training bundle here.

In Class Certifications:


In addition to online certification, authorized distributors offer hands-on, in depth courses.

Note that DIRECTV does not authorize classroom training as an alternative to online courses for D2 Advantage and the D2 Advantage certification exam may not be ordered separately.

The SBCA National Standards & Testing Program certifies that installers have passed standardized testing developed by the SBCA and industry leaders.  The SBCA does not guarantee the quality of nor assume any liability for the work performed by the certified installer.

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